The Carolina Premium E-Juice Line was produced over a 3 year period
of intense research. All flavors in this line are ultra premium flavors, meaning that
each flavor is carefully crafted using the absolute top of the line materials each
with its own complex e-juice recipe.

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This exquisite dessert vape is an intricate fusion of a freshly baked sugar cookie with a delectable caramel drizzle, and is truly set apart from the rest by its cinnamon graham cracker overtone. This warm delicious treat will have you craving a cozy log cabin in the mountains like the Native Cherokee.

Pit Stop

Try just one puff of this mouthwatering fruit medley and you will be counting down the laps until your next Pit Stop. With a memorable pomegranate inhale and a blast of creamy blueberry on the exhale, this flavor will take you straight to Victory Lane.

Cape Hatteras

This ultra-premium flavor will give a cool misty taste reminiscent of the candy cane striped structure of “Cape Hatteras”, giving you a calm wave of a fruit blend.

Kitty Hawk

This mosaic of dessert-styled vanilla custard submerged in rose colored fruit will evoke your senses to Take Off on a sweet yet seductively pasteurized flight over a field of strawberries and land amongst graham cracker sand dunes.

Fort Sumter

This complex flavor will have your taste buds in a battle similar to “Fort Sumter”. As you take a deep breath inhaling the hazy fog of menthol, watermelon cannon balls are thrown at you with a burst of fruity flavor leaving an after taste of grape that will put your mouth AT EASE SOLDIER!


Biltmore is an enriched e-juice, complemented by a gilded huet, meant to pleasure your senses with its untainted creamy complexion on the inhale, accompanied by a tuneful nip of custard on the exhale. The Biltmore e-juice establishes a secure hold as a premier vaping experience.