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Wholesale Concentrated Artificial Flavorings

Wholesale concentrated flavorings are finally being offered by RTS Vapes. This section of the website is strictly for customers who have been approved to purchase large quantities of concentrated flavorings from RTS Vapes. Before ordering, please make sure to account in for the lead times that are listed on the product page of each individual flavor concentrate.

Wholesale concentrated flavorings are offered in the sizes ranging from 1 liter all the way to 5 gallon. Depending upon the manufacturer, certain flavorings may have different size options.
All flavor sales are final, and are not subject to refunds based on the nature of the product.


You will see supplier abbreviations beside flavor product names for each concentrated flavoring.
LA - LorAnn Oils

TFA - The Flavor Apprentice / The Perfumers Apprentice

FA - Flavour Art

CA - Capella

HS - Hangsen

CT - Chinese Tobacco

FJ - Flavor Jungle

FW - Flavor West

IW - Inawera

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