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10 ml Anise Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Apricot Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Black Currant Flavoring (IW)
Recommended DIY percentage is 3-5%.
Black currant Flavor
10 ml Cappuccino Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Cherries Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Cherries in Liqueur Flavoring (IW)
Cappuccino Flavor Cherry Flavor Cherry and Liqueur Flavor
10 ml Cherry Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Cola Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Exotic Roots Flavoring (IW)
Cherry Flavor Cola Flavor
10 ml Grapefruit Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Grapes Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Honey Flavoring (IW)
Grapefruit Flavor Grape Flavor Honey Flavor
10 ml Mango Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Melon Flavoring (IW) Smoked Plum Flavor
Mango Flavor Melon Flavor Smoked Plum Flavor
10 ml Orange Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Plum Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Biscuit Flavoring (IW)
Orange Flavor Plum Flavor Biscuit Flavor
10 ml Exotic Fruits Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Tiramisu Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Two Apples Flavoring (IW)
Exotic Fruits Flavor Tiramisu Flavor Two Apples Flavor
10 ml White Grapefruit Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Bahraini Apple Gold Flavoring (IW) 10 ml Little Space Drop Flavoring (IW)
White Grapefruit Flavor Little Space Drop Flavor
10 ml Chocolate Cream Flavoring (IW) 30 ml Anise Flavoring (IW) 30 ml Apricot Flavoring (IW)
Chocolate Cream Flavor
30 ml Banana Flavoring (IW) 30 ml Black Currant Flavoring (IW) 30 ml Cappuccino Flavoring (IW)
Banana Flavor Black currant Flavor Cappuccino Flavor